My goal is to make the home buying process anywhere in Chicago’s Northwest and North Suburbs as easy as possible. I’ll make sure you have access to the listings you want, referrals to quality inspectors, lawyers and trades and will act as your advocate throughout the process.

Resources For Buyers

  • The perfect house has never been built so you will have to make some compromises.

  • Think about location as well as condition and price

  • Get opinions about the home you are buying but know that too many opinions can be confusing or overwhelming. Remember the most important thing is that the house is right for you.

  • Don't negotiate yourself out of a home. Pushing too hard or asking for things you don't really want or need may work against you. Concessions in price and inclusions vary widely. There no set rules for negotiations.

  • Get pre-approved for a mortgage before you start looking. This removes surprises for you and makes you a stronger buyer.

  • Second guessing your purchase also known as buyer's remorse is normal. Most people have it but it passes.

  • There is no perfect time to buy other than when you are ready. Every time of year has advantages and disadvantages.

  • Remember to factor in the costs of maintaining a home. Every home, even new ones are going to have some maintenance.

  • There is no standard number of house that you have to see before you buy.

  • Work with a real estate pro like Deb Baker. You need someone who is professional knowledgeable and a true advocate on your side.

Home Buyers Checklist- What to Consider Before House Hunting

Location- How close do you have to be?
Public transportation
Places of worship

Location- Specific
Target neighborhood/neighborhoods
Target school system/school systems

Architectural style(s)
Number of stories     Do you want a one-story or two-story house?
Old or new, up to how old?
How much repair or renovation

Features- Needed? How big? How many?
Yard size
Garage/number of cars
Family room
Formal dining room
Eat-in kitchen
Laundry room
Central air
Air conditioning
Hardwood floors